Assistant Claims Manager - Non Marine Claims
Reference HR1305012
Job Title Assistant Claims Manager - Non Marine Claims
  • Provide daily support to claim staff on claim managing and filing activities.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of executive claims management, service and administration
  • Ensure that claim team follows state regulations and standard operating procedures.
  • Assist claim personnel in coverage investigation, liability analysis and settlement negotiation.
  • Develop best practices to optimize claim processing quality.
  • Evaluate professional skills of claim staffs and provide appropriate claim assignments to them.
  • Establish expense reserves for claim investigations.
  • Resolve coverage issues and approve coverage denials.
  • Perform claim negotiation and confirm settlement amount.
  • Document claim assessment and filing activities accurately.
  • Monitor individual performance and ensure it meets expected quality and performance objectives.
  • Supervise in the investigation of all claims through prompt contact with appropriate parties.
  • Review General claims and ensures that all required information for processing is available.
  • Assess details pertaining to the accident such as the amount of loss incurred by all parties, other parties' insurance policy coverage, fault percentages of all parties involved, whether or not the insurance policy covers the accident, etc.
  • Review the amount of liability towards the parties involved.
  • Process approved General Claims and coordinate with Finance department for reimbursement of parties involved.
  • Supervise the review of General accidents determine the best and most cost effective approach for repair.
  • Preparing and maintaining the compensation files with the company filing system.
  • Collecting information and deciding on liability.
  • Investigating the Circumstances of loss or accident and appointing the proper loss adjuster for the major claims and follow the correspondence with both the insured and surveyor.
  • Visiting the site of loss to survey and assess the damage.
  • Making proposals to mitigate the extent of the loss for the benefit of all parties.
  • Supporting policy holders through the claims and restoration process.
  • Investigating suspicious claims by inspecting claimants' records to verify the existence and value of goods being claimed for.
  • Liaising with any other insurers to negotiate the spread of liability.
  • Complete the claim file with the required documentation and acquiring information from other professionals such as the police or medical staff.
  • Preparing Daily/Weekly/ Monthly reports for the management.
  • Coordinating with other departments and branches and preparing all types of correspondence.
  • Handling customers complaints and adhering to customer standards set by the company.


  • Bachelors degree
  • Proficient in MS office
  • 10years Experience
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic – Read, Write and Speak)
  • Preferred to have a valid driver’s license
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Energy Underwriter (Non-Marine)
Reference HR1305013
Job Title Energy Underwriter (Non-Marine)
  • Underwriting daily business proposals (direct &/or authorized lines) 
  • Preparation of Energy book exposed liability as well as written premium for the Retro program 
  • Preparation of Open Exposure statistics per installation and type of risk 
  • Regular reconciliation of system entries 
  • Working aligned to achieve the structured targeted premium 
  • Diversifying the energy book by choosing specific XOL primary and excess deals 
  • Assisting in developing a new Energy portfolio 
  • Knowledge of Upstream/Downstream Energy business and its products 
  • Evaluate risks to determine proper premium, terms and conditions applied 
  • Executed managerial reports within specified deadline. 
  • Assess/analyze, calculate PML to establish an outcome accurately fits within the delegated authority and in accordance with Energy underwriting guidelines for new and existing accounts (Downstream & Upstream) 
  • Review policy content, terms & conditions, clauses and exclusions as well as loss ratio that affect reinsurance requirements or reconsidering the participation
  • Liaising with claims department on specific claims which require further investigation 
  • Entries of new/renewal risks, and process payments on company's ERP system
  • Conducted Facultative and Treaty technical analysis 
  • Analyze Proportional & Non-Proportional Treaties for the MENA region 
  • Create a database for price monitoring of insurances rates for the MENA region 
  • Dealing with a wide range of insurance lines of business, e.g. Fire, Engineering, Accident and Cargo 
  • Perform Territorial Penetration Growth analysis for countries in the MENA region 
  • Regular Market visits for Execution of marketing activities
  • Bachelors degree 
  • Proficient in MS office
  • 5-7 years Experience 
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic – Read, Write and Speak)
  • Preferred to have a valid driver’s license
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Business Development Manager
Reference HR1305015
Job Title Business Development Manager
  • To build a team of promising and hardworking members who will meet the forecasted sales targets/goals.
  • To identify new potential customers and their needs in the local market by studying the demographics of various areas.
  • To initiate, analyze and execute various business plans in order to enhance the overall growth of the Company.
  • To define short, mid and long-term organization strategic goals.
  • To develop new products and able market existing products by developing new ideas and principles.
  • To carry out market and competitor research, analyzing the same and providing a feedback to the Management. 
  • To develop and prepare quotes and proposals. Also negotiating and re-negotiating by phone, email or in person.
  • To build and maintain good public relations.
  • To train and help the sales & marketing personnel to develop their insurance technical as well as sales skills and operate more efficiently.
  • To coordinate with the technical departments in regard to setting up sales targets, product development/pricing.
  • To present and consult the mid and senior level management on business trends with a view to develop new services, products and distribution channels.
  • To survey the business customers to uncover the key weaknesses, strengths and modify the faulty systems in order to deliver good service.
  • To set up meetings between client decision makers and company’s practice leaders/principals.
  • To suggest new technology to streamline the current product line by going through the company marketing tools such as website and social networks.
  • To create marketing messages, choosing mediums such as website and print advertising, carrying out other marketing campaigns / programs to reach the target audience of the Company.
  • To prepare regular progress reports and ensure that the data is accurate.

Soft skills:

  • Organizational and planning skills 
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving skills


  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration
  • Proficient in MS office
  • 10 years Experience in Sales & Marketing, also additional knowledge of the Insurance Industry
  • Experience at managerial level 
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic – Read, Write and Speak)
  • Preferred to have a valid driver’s license
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Doctor (Life & Medical - Claims)
Reference HR1305016
Job Title Doctor (Life & Medical - Claims)
  • Manage routine daily claims audit work
  • Coordinate workflow & meet deadlines
  • Evaluating claims with regards to eligibility
  • Able to take decision on high cost and complicated cases
  • Attending e-mails from insurance companies or clients
  • Able to handle hotline responsibilities (customer service, complaints, medical pre-approvals)
Soft Skills
  • Good communication skills with clients
  • Increasing efficiency, minimizing errors and administration time
  • Bachelor of Internal Medicine & General Surgery
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Bilingual (English & Arabic – Read, Write and Speak)
  • 3 – 5 Years Experience in medical insurance 
  • Good experience in handling Claims and hospital pre-approvals
  • Well spoken English
Other requirements:
  • Age: 35 – 40 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Arab
  • Ready to do shift duty
  • Preferred to have a valid driver’s license
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