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Types of Marine Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance
Marine Hull Insurance

It is concerned with insurance on all types of Vessels ( Oil Tankers, Dry Cargo Carriers, Livestock Carriers, Fishing Vessels, Pleasure Yachts etc. )

Marine "Hull" Insurance Type:

  • All Risks
    Covers Partial Loss as well as Total Loss of Vessel(s).
  • Total Loss Only
    Covers the Vessel in case of Total Loss of vessels(s) only.
  • Third Party Liability
    Covers Insured's Legal Liability towards Third Party(ies).
  • Hull War Risks
    Covers only loss resulting from War related activities.
Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Cargo Insurance

Deals with insurance cover on goods transported by Sea, Air and Land:

Marine "Cargo" Insurance Type:

  • All Risks
    Covers any loss/damage to the goods insured.
  • Total Loss
    Covers the goods insured in case of Total Loss only.
  • War Cover
    Covers any loss/damage to goods resulting from War and other related activities.

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